About Us

About Us

Madison Music Makers is a local non-profit organization, founded in 2007 to provide equal access for Madison’s children to study music and enjoy performance opportunities regardless of the family’s background or resources.

We provide high quality musical instruments and professional lessons for each student at a low-cost or for free. No motivated student is turned away for lack of resources.

This program was founded in 2007 in response to a serious and growing need: Madison is continuing to experience a rapidly increasing number of students whose families are simply unable to participate in the many rich cultural resources which are available in our larger community. It is improbable for these students, including many immigrants and refugees, to succeed in the music programs in our schools without long-term support for instruments, lessons, and the rich cultural experiences of their more affluent peers.

With shared experiences in music-making, our program brings together a truly diverse group of families, from all across the racial, ethnic, and socio-economic spectrum. Music-making creates a joyous coming together for all!

Our Staff

Director:  Bonnie Greene

Admin Assistants:  Alex Her & Sara Campbell

Teaching Staff:

Paran Amarinazari  Violin & viola, HONORS ENSEMBLE coach

Bonnie Greene  Violin & viola

Paul Hastil:  Piano & performance practice

Carol Jenkins:  Violin

Alida LaCosse  Violin & viola, drumming, Coach of H.S. group “COLORS OF MUSIC”

Judith McNeil:  Piano, song-writing

Raquel Paraiso Gonzales:  Violin & Latin percussion

Louka Patenaude:  Guitar, bass, & drums

Chundou Alex Her:  Piano & Singing

Andrew Willits:  Singing, choir